The Time Traveler's Wife Series 2022 Online Stream and Review

Filming for the series took place largely in New York City – in addition to a few weeks in Chicago – with the shoot lasting from May 2021 until October of the same year.

Adapted from the international best seller by Audrey Niffenegger, it tells the story of Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie) and Henry DeTamble (Theo James), couple who are connected across decades, defined by chance encounters, and always inches away from happiness.

A predicament which is made no easier since Henry travels through time. Adapted as a feature film in 2009, with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams taking centre stage, this six-part limited series benefits hugely from a longer running time.

Rose Leslie, who many will remember from her long running role as Ygritte in Game of Thrones, not only nails the American accent but grounds the character instantly. As audiences experience every side of Clare, from coquettish teenager to concerned wife the story evolves seamlessly. A gradual transition over time which allows Leslie to add subtle shades to her performance.

Similarly, Theo James walks a thin line between wide eyed innocence and middle-aged wisdom, as he encounters different versions of himself and his future wife at various times. A situation that makes The Time Traveler’s Wife solely reliant on their chemistry and charisma, with next to no wriggle room. Thankfully, this calculated risk pays off throughout, as the beguiling pair make their mark.

It is also worth noting how clever Steven Moffat has been when approaching the structure to this series. Not only working in subtle but essential nods to its source material, but also lifting a very simple device from Niffenegger’s chapter headings, allowing audiences to concisely keep track of points in time.

A device which cunningly flags their changing ages from scene to scene, before tying that back into the narrative with ingenious ease. Meaning that episodes fly by as Moffat peppers each one with numerous moments of flashback, which loop back around and connect together like puzzled pieces. Ensuring that audiences keep watching, whilst turning this into an old fashioned romance which just keeps giving.

By exploring the idea of relationships from a very unique perspective, it also draws on major themes from Niffenegger’s book, whilst trying to make sense of the serendipitous connections which bring people together. An idea which naturally touches on something more abstract regarding identity, making this about much more than just lovers trapped in time.