The Plane With The Union Minister Encountered A Technical Glitch At The Bangalore Airport

The plane with the Union Minister encountered a technical glitch at the Bangalore airport

The Air India flight with Union Minister Shoba Karandlaje returned before departure due to a technical glitch at the Bangalore airport on Sunday.

Flight 9I 517, scheduled to depart from Bangalore to Hyderabad at 6:45 pm, suffered a technical glitch, the minister’s office said in a statement.

Another flight was operated by an Air India flight carrying passengers including the Minister to Hyderabad.

Shoba Karandlaje is the Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

The report said the minister politely declined the request of the flight and airport officials until the plane landed and waited in the VIP lounge until alternative arrangements were made.

The Minister also assured that everyone on board would be treated equally.

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