Be Safe Don’t  Drink & Drive – Tasmac’s new slogan

Be Safe Don’t  Drink & Drive – Tasmac’s new slogan: Slogans’ Drinking alcohol spoils the family; Alcohol will disappear from the ‘Tasmac boards’ which are harmful to health. Instead, the new slogan is “Drinking alcohol is bad for your health, be safe – don’t drink and drive”.

This change was made with the amendment of the Tamil Nadu Liquor (License and Permit) Rules, 1981, which was announced in the Gazette on September 1. Prabhakar.

Tamil Nadu Liquor (License and Permit) Rules Display boards with bold text on the dangers of drinking. From January 1 to June 30, 2020, a total of 603 drunken accidents were reported. The number for 2019 is 1,229, of which 514 accidents involve bikers.

In this context, the state government has also recently announced awareness campaigns against drunk driving. 4 crore has been allocated. However, the move to change the slogans has raised criticism. DR on abandoning the slogan that alcohol will destroy the family and the country. By renaming the slogan, it can be understood that drinking alcohol supports the national economy. In fact, alcohol is detrimental to the health economy because if you make a living selling alcohol today, you will have to spend more money on health care in the next ten years, ”he added. The Tamil slogan emphasizes that it is harmful to the family and the country.

Revenue from liquor sales has increased 8-fold in the 15 years since the state government took over IMFL retail.

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