Airtel 5G X Cloud Gaming | Presenting India’s first cloud-gaming demonstration

Airtel 5G X Cloud Gaming | Presenting India’s first cloud-gaming demonstration. Airtel takes cloud gaming to new heights with the first live 5G demo featuring Airtel gamers Mortal and Mamba. Both gamers used mid-range smartphones paired with a 3500 MHz high-capacity spectrum band and experienced a speed of 1 Gbps and a delay of 10 milliseconds. These amazing results provided by 5G will completely revolutionize the cloud gaming landscape. Speaking about the event, he said, “We are absolutely stunned that this is a high-end PC and console-quality gaming experience on a smartphone. We can say with confidence that it will work.

The first gamers to experience Airtel 5G and Cloud Gaming, both are excited about the global innovations coming to India. They said that cloud gaming will definitely level the playing field. No need to invest in expensive hardware to enjoy and train console-quality games. 5G will improve the overall gameplay.

How will 5G revolutionize cloud gaming for consumers?

Considering the speed and latency that 5G can deliver, it inspires innovation in the mobile gaming industry. With minimal delays and without any setbacks in Ping and Practice, 5G Cloud Gaming will stream seamlessly like streaming a movie or TV show on your phone from the OTT operating system. Anyone with a smartphone and 5G connectivity can engage in real-time gaming with others around the world by eliminating the need to download games on a cloud gaming device or use specialized gaming hardware.

In fact, both Mortal and Mamba mentioned that gaming was accepted as a real sport in many countries, but not yet in India. The country already has a gaming base of 400+ million, which is expected to grow to more than 500 million by next year. A vast youth population and the smartphone penetration gaming industry offer enormous opportunities to evolve into a $ 2.4 billion market. By incorporating technologies like Airtel 5G and other infrastructure, India will soon be able to create an ecosystem that will allow young gamers to turn their interest into a profession.

Bharti Airtel, CTO, Randeep Sekhon added: “Cloud gaming will be one of the biggest application events of 5G, a combination of high speed and low latency. Imagine enjoying real-time gaming with someone sitting in the area, which marks the beginning of an exciting digital future as Airtel prepares to launch 5G in India.

Airtel is constantly striving to transform the 5G landscape in India and it is only a matter of time before this technology is released commercially. Earlier this year, Telecom Major tested 5G services over a 4G network in Hyderabad. In an effort to accelerate 5G in India, Airtel has partnered with Nokia and Ericsson to test 5G in several cities across India.

Note: The 5G test network is based on the test spectrum allocated by DoT at authorized locations.

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